There are many baseball and softball academies that I have come across, not only in the northeast region of United States, but around the entire country. It's been my experience that nobody can teach and is as UNIQUE as Sluggersville and Big Zoom! I consider myself an advanced hitting coach and can teach in many different ways. I've taught many different players at all different levels and I trust only a very few people when it comes to teaching my own son. Without question or hesitation Big Zoom and Lil Zoom are tops on my personal list.
When I am traveling and need a coach to help correct and motivate my son, I totally trust Big Zoom and his son Lil Zoom. That being said, I can trust that Sluggersville and the Zooms have my son's best interest at heart. Makes life a little easier knowing my son is in great hands while I'm on the road. I would recommend that everyone send their sons or daughters to Sluggersville, Mike "Big Zoom" Zolk and Mike "Lil Zoom" Zolk!

Jeff Manto - Major League Hitting Coach, Minor League Hitting Coordinator,